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    The NSCC is the senior program of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps. It was developed for older cadets, ages 13 through 17. The mission of the NSCC is to expose cadets to the full rigors of a military training program. NSCC prepares its cadets for whatever path they may take after high school.

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    The NLCC is the junior program of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps. It was developed for younger cadets, ages 10 through 13. The mission of the NLCC is to train cadets about the seagoing military services, community service, and citizenship.

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    Our officers are dedicated volunteers who instruct cadets, lead units, and escort cadets when participating in events.

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    NOTICE: Training Documentation

    Public Release
    • If you are attending a summer training at our command, and you downloaded the documentation before 23 JUN 2017, you must download it again. The documentation has been updated to include a base-access form. If you do not turn this in, you may be turned away at the gate.

    Posted by : ppfeister | Date Posted : 24 June 2017

    Email Downtime

    • If you have tried to contact either co, rd, or dev @lakehurstcadets.org within the last week and received an error, please try again. I have become aware of the issue and have fixed it.

    Posted by : ppfeister | Date Posted : 10 June 2017

    Summer Training

    Public Release
    • As the drill year comes to a close, Summer Training is beginning to appear on homeport. We will soon update our website to distribute the necessary documentation to attend our training. If you are waiting for these documents, come back soon and look for "Summer Training" in the menu.

      Also, please direct all questions regarding this website to dev@lakehurstcadets.org

    Posted by : ppfeister | Date Posted : 09 June 2017